Techie Tuesday: Design for Life

We may be partial, but we truly believe Folbot is a beautiful kayak. The design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also leads to a long life for the kayak. We make kayaks that last a lifetime (and longer). You may need to repair/replace a part during your ownership, but you won’t replace your Folbot. Like the gentleman who blogged about his newest Folbot last week, you might even end up adding to your Folbot family!

greenland-2 yukon

A Folbot is an investment in a water craft, that when taken care of, can be passed down for generations.  Just search the Folbot Forum for stories about receiving and restoring a Folbot from one’s grandfather and you’ll see that our kayaks are made to last.  Let us know if you were gifted a Folbot from an older family member or plan on giving your Folbot to the next generation of paddlers.  Or, please let us know if your family is ready to get started with your generations of adventure! You can email us ( or write it on our FB page!


2 thoughts on “Techie Tuesday: Design for Life

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