Gear We Love: Simms Gear

Last weekend, we hung out at the Bassmaster Classic. We met a lot of great people and got to try out some cool products. One that stands out is Simms gear.

Simms had a hurricane simulator set up. I put on Simms waders, booties, and a jacket (with hood). Then I stood in a booth that sprayed water and blew fans (simulating a hurricane…duh). I didn’t get a drop of water on my clothes or face! Incredible!

Based in Bozeman, Montana, Simms is gear made FOR outdoors-people BY outdoors-people. Some 20 years ago, their breathable waders were an innovative product with an innovative partnership (with the smart Gore-Tex people). Today, they still work to develop products that are new, needed, and comfortable (see their sun protection line).

Simms waders          Simms Fishing Jacket

We hope you don’t find yourself in a hurricane! But even in your regular paddling/fishing conditions, well-made gear can improve your experience. Simms gear is going to keep you dry…I have the [simulated] experience as proof!

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