Techie Tuesday: Which Folbot Are You?

GravityHas your Facebook feed been filled with quizzes recently? From “Which Jurassic Park Character Are You?” to “What City Should You Actually Live In?”, I know really specific things about a LOT of people! (But if you’re one of them, I’m really very interested that you would be Frosted Flakes breakfast cereal and Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter.)

ANYWHO…these quizzes are similar to our new kayak selector tool (which maybe we should rename “Which Folbot Are You?”). Just answer 5 questions we’ve crafted to know more about you and how you would use your kayak. Then we give you our suggestion(s) for the best Folbot for you. It’s simple and (as we’ve found, it’s also quite accurate)! Questions include: How tall are you? How will you use your Folbot (sail, paddle long distances, take a friend, etc)? Is speed important?

Kayak_SelectorSo….What Folbot Are You?