Gear We Love: Poler Mystic Tarpent

Do you like to camp? And pack light? Meet the Poler Mystic Tarpent.


There are several things to love about the Tarpent.

1. It’s ultra-portable. I mean, it’s basically two tarps. Fold them up and they weigh less than 2 pounds!
2. It’s super versatile. Do you need [waterproof] ground cover? Check. Want a one-man tent? Done.
3. It’s even handy in emergency situations! “Because the material reflects 90% of your body heat it can be used to wrap up in and keep someone warm in an emergency or in cold weather as a space blanket would. You can also use the silver side to reflect the sun…or to attract attention in an emergency.”

Poler makes some rad outdoor gear, but we’ve got to give a quick shout out to their Campfire Cologne. Or what you may also know as “matches.”