Techie Tuesday: What’s in That Bag?

When you order a Folbot, you get a backpack**. Which begs the question…what’s in that bag?


Great question! See below…

WhatsinthebagWell, first of all, your kayak is in that bag. Yes, your entire Folbot kayak fits in its accompanying backpack.
That includes the:

1. Skin
2. Cross Frames
3. Cockpit Frame
4. Tensioner
5. Gun Wale
6. Deck Strut(s)
7. Longeron Bundles
8. Bottom Keel Longeron

In addition to your kayak, the backpack also includes footpegs and your seat.

Pretty cool bag, huh? Unpack it and hit the water!

Kiawah Yellow Per Haavind Bahamas

**This is what your order looks like if you purchase a Citibot, Gremlin, Kiawah, or Cooper. Other Folbot styles come in 2 bags with different frames.

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