Gear We Love: 10 Must Haves on Your Paddle

Spring might be peeking around the corner in your neck of the woods. Or you may be heading out of town for Spring Break. Or you might just be dreaming of your Spring paddling. No matter the reason, we’ve got our list of…

Top Ten Must Haves on Your Paddle

yukon1. A Folbot. Duh. Bring your backpack with your kayak and all its gear.

Astral_V82. Personal Flotation Device. We love the Astral V-Eight PFD. A lightweight, ergonomically designed PFD, it allows for maximum comfort for paddling.

WERNER-CYPRUS-PADDLE-13. Paddle. Can’t leave the land without it! Or at least you can’t go far. We recommend the Werner paddles. We sell a range of Werner paddles that vary based on size, weight, angles…and come in a variety of colors!

4. Water. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Mission-Essentials-Sunscreen-15. Sunscreen. Mission Essentials makes a great chemical-free sunscreen. We use it on the whole family!

Dry-Case-2T6. Waterproof bag. DRY CASE is a flexible, clear bag that uses a vacuum seal to keep your phone dry. We know, ideally you could go off into the wilderness without a phone. But safety first!

Ray-Ban7. Sunglasses. We love an old-school look with Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses. Whatever your style, protect your eyes!

Nylon-Sprayskirt-2T8. Sprayskirt. Bring our lightweight nylon sprayskirt with diagonal suspender to eliminate pooling on deck.

Paddle-Leash-2T9. Paddle leash. Accidentally lost grip of your paddle? No worries. You’re wearing your paddle leash.

10. A snack. Low blood sugar is no way to paddle. We like to pack roasted almonds or granola bars.