Throwback Thursday: Unsolved Mystery

This week, not only do we have “throwback” photos for you…we have an unsolved mystery. And we need YOU to help solve it. A gentleman in the UK recently found prow of an old Folbot. And he’d like more information about it. Read his story below.

“I am a retired British Police Chief. My hobby revolves around buying interesting items at auctions and researching them. I have bought, what I call ‘the prow of a boat or yacht’. It has a white enamel plate (2 inches by 2.5 inches) on the top and on this plate is a triangular flag on a flag pole. The flag has red, white and blue vertical stripes but chevron in shape. In the centre of the flag is a round red circle with a white yacht on it. Below the flag in black are the letters ‘T.C. and then the numbers ’17’ under which is a line and then ‘1942’.
The ‘prow’ is just over ten inches long, ‘V’ shaped, and 6.5 inches at the widest point. On either side at the front is a blue disc with two circles on it. The centre circle has the word ‘ FOLBOT’ in large letters and in the outter circle the words ‘British built’.”

Prow Plate Folbot Flag

Soooooo….any leads for our friend? If you have any ideas, comment or drop us a line at