Throwback Thursday: Fabulous Folbot Holidays

Remember when Folbot used to print books about kayaking adventures? No? Well, it has been upwards of 30 years since an edition has been in print…

This gorgeous, 5th edition (all 300+ pages) are being made into an e-book. It’s chock full of great stories and fabulous pictures. If you’d like a copy when it’s ready, drop us a line at

Front cover

Front cover of Fabulous Folbot Holidays, 5th edition

Back cover

Back cover (same edition)

5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Fabulous Folbot Holidays

  1. I used to get those when I was a kid, I think I sent away for information on Folbots. I’m on my 4th a Cooper and have the yellow one in the photo though mine is blue hanging in the shed, it needs some repairs to the hull.

  2. Years ago I was lucky enough to find one of these books at a thrift store. I enjoyed reading about the adventures and details on Folbots that are no longer made. Kissler’s superlatives really make the book! A perfect companion book to my 22-year-old Greenland II that is still going strong!

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