Gear We Love: LEGO Inspiration

Have you ever been amazed a 4-year-old can put together a complicated LEGO model? LEGO makes easy to follow graphical instruction booklets. No words necessary – you don’t even need to be old enough to read to do it!

Well, that was our inspiration behind the graphical instructions for our Folbots.


LEGO Instructions

We made easy to follow [graphical] assembly instructions for each Folbot model. We also have examples of assembly on YouTube and worded instructions if you prefer that route. We hope we’ve made it as simple as possible to explain our assembly.  We want you on the water enjoying your Folbot, not left behind assembling a kayak.

In fact, we feel the need for speed!  Our Recreational and Touring models can all be assembled in less than 10 minutes!


Example of Citibot Graphical Instructions

Gear We Love: Sperry Top-Siders

Ahhhh, the boat shoe. A classic. But did you ever wonder why they’re called boat shoes?

Sperry Top-Sider

Sperry Top-Sider, Lanyard style

Sperry boat shoes have been a ingenious product from inception in 1935. After spending many years as a Marine, Paul Sperry, was looking for a shoe that wouldn’t slip on a wet boat surface. After seeing the traction his dog could get on slippery ice, he fashioned grooves like a dog’s paw on the rubber sole of the first–you got it–boat shoe!

Since that time, Sperry’s can be counted on for incomparable quality and innovation. The great thing about the top-siders is they dry quickly and seem to fit better after wearing them wet a few times. Also, they go great from work to play (and vice versa). And nowadays, they’re making everything from sneakers to sunglasses!

We can’t comment on the sunglasses, but if they’re half as good as their top-sider cousin, we’re sold.

Gear We Love: 10 Must Haves on Your Paddle

Spring might be peeking around the corner in your neck of the woods. Or you may be heading out of town for Spring Break. Or you might just be dreaming of your Spring paddling. No matter the reason, we’ve got our list of…

Top Ten Must Haves on Your Paddle

yukon1. A Folbot. Duh. Bring your backpack with your kayak and all its gear.

Astral_V82. Personal Flotation Device. We love the Astral V-Eight PFD. A lightweight, ergonomically designed PFD, it allows for maximum comfort for paddling.

WERNER-CYPRUS-PADDLE-13. Paddle. Can’t leave the land without it! Or at least you can’t go far. We recommend the Werner paddles. We sell a range of Werner paddles that vary based on size, weight, angles…and come in a variety of colors!

4. Water. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Mission-Essentials-Sunscreen-15. Sunscreen. Mission Essentials makes a great chemical-free sunscreen. We use it on the whole family!

Dry-Case-2T6. Waterproof bag. DRY CASE is a flexible, clear bag that uses a vacuum seal to keep your phone dry. We know, ideally you could go off into the wilderness without a phone. But safety first!

Ray-Ban7. Sunglasses. We love an old-school look with Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses. Whatever your style, protect your eyes!

Nylon-Sprayskirt-2T8. Sprayskirt. Bring our lightweight nylon sprayskirt with diagonal suspender to eliminate pooling on deck.

Paddle-Leash-2T9. Paddle leash. Accidentally lost grip of your paddle? No worries. You’re wearing your paddle leash.

10. A snack. Low blood sugar is no way to paddle. We like to pack roasted almonds or granola bars.

Gear We Love: Poler Mystic Tarpent

Do you like to camp? And pack light? Meet the Poler Mystic Tarpent.


There are several things to love about the Tarpent.

1. It’s ultra-portable. I mean, it’s basically two tarps. Fold them up and they weigh less than 2 pounds!
2. It’s super versatile. Do you need [waterproof] ground cover? Check. Want a one-man tent? Done.
3. It’s even handy in emergency situations! “Because the material reflects 90% of your body heat it can be used to wrap up in and keep someone warm in an emergency or in cold weather as a space blanket would. You can also use the silver side to reflect the sun…or to attract attention in an emergency.”

Poler makes some rad outdoor gear, but we’ve got to give a quick shout out to their Campfire Cologne. Or what you may also know as “matches.”

Gear We Love: Simms Gear

Last weekend, we hung out at the Bassmaster Classic. We met a lot of great people and got to try out some cool products. One that stands out is Simms gear.

Simms had a hurricane simulator set up. I put on Simms waders, booties, and a jacket (with hood). Then I stood in a booth that sprayed water and blew fans (simulating a hurricane…duh). I didn’t get a drop of water on my clothes or face! Incredible!

Based in Bozeman, Montana, Simms is gear made FOR outdoors-people BY outdoors-people. Some 20 years ago, their breathable waders were an innovative product with an innovative partnership (with the smart Gore-Tex people). Today, they still work to develop products that are new, needed, and comfortable (see their sun protection line).

Simms waders          Simms Fishing Jacket

We hope you don’t find yourself in a hurricane! But even in your regular paddling/fishing conditions, well-made gear can improve your experience. Simms gear is going to keep you dry…I have the [simulated] experience as proof!

Gear We Love: Aquatabs


Did you know there’s a safe and easy way to purify your water on the go? Aquatabs is a tablet that dissolves clear within minutes and disinfects the water within 30 minutes. They are the world’s no.1 water purification tablets, used by all major aid and peacekeeping agencies, NATO and other armed services around the world. (All that to say, Aquatabs is legit!)

For the paddler/camper/traveler, Aquatabs is easily portable and a great way to protect yourself and stay hydrated.

We’d love to hear from you. What do you use to ensure clean water on your trips?

Gear We Love: YETI Coolers

How do we love YETI Coolers…let us count the ways. (We’re feeling the Valentine’s love around here!)


First, YETI redefined an industry. Who would’ve ever thought you’d buy one cooler that would last…well, probably the rest of your life and beyond? I’ve already gone through 5 or 6 cheap coolers in the last 10 years! Like a Folbot, a YETI is built to last.

Second, it seems the YETI engineers took everything that annoys me about a regular cooler and fixed it. From lid latches to non-slip feet to strap guides (to securely strap down your cooler during transport), they’ve thought of it all.

And third, it works. As in, it keeps cold things cold. The walls have TWO inches of insulation and a freezer-quality seal around the lid to minimize air flow. You can ice your cooler in the morning, and it will still be iced in the evening.

Still not convinced? It’s also grizzly proof.

Gear We Love: ENO Hammocks


photo courtesy of Eagles Nest Outfitters Inc.

What’s not to love about an ENO hammock? Made of breathable nylon, they are compact, easy to store, easy to travel, and super comfortable. Sure, you could lug your lawn chair around but why would you? The ENO is more comfortable and packs light (just like a favorite folding kayak we know!).

You can get a “single” or a “double” (room for a friend or just extra room for you!) but all hammocks can safely hold up to 400 lbs!

It will take you more time deciding where to relax than it will take putting up the ENO. And it packs up so small, you can keep it close at hand, for whenever the “hammock mood” strikes. And by hammock mood, we mean a sunny day.

ENO is a great accessory to your Folbot adventures!

Gear We Love: LEKI Trekking Poles

You may have heard of LEKI skiing poles. Especially as the Winter Olympics draw near.

But we want to show some love for the LEKI trekking poles today.


Photo courtesy of LEKI via Pintrest

Serious trekkers (otherwise known as hikers) often use poles, adding balance and stability. Using poles also burns more calories and acts as shock absorbers for your knees and backs!

One of our favorite parts? They are portable! LEKI trekking poles are in three sections and are easy to separate/assemble for travel.

LEKI says they have “the goal of producing unbeatable products. Combining safety and comfort with an appealing design is our priority.” Sounds familiar to us!