Throwback Thursday: 1946 Clipper

We’ve written before about the longevity of a Folbot. About how your Folbot will not only last your lifetime, but can also be enjoyed for generations!

For this Throwback Thursday, we give you the story of a Folbot Clipper. Bought in 1946, it was enjoyed by the original owners for many years. Not only does their son have fond memories of growing up with the Clipper, it’s now being enjoyed by new generation(s), creating new memories!


Original 1946 Clipper (picture taken in 2002)


Same Clipper, with new nylon top (picture taken in 2010)

Have an intergenerational Folbot? Share your pictures and stories with us at!

Throwback Thursday: 60s Glider

Check out this 1962 Folbot Glider Tandem. Sure, the skin needs some repair work, but what a beautiful boat!


Do you have an “retired model” Folbot that you have questions about? The best source for information on the older model Folbots is  This community of Folbot customers and fans has a long history of maintaining and restoring older Folbots and many have documented the results on that site.

You can post questions, search by keyword, or just start digging into threads on topics like 100% effective barrier against bears entering your campsite? or Rudder Pin Replacement . For instance, if you owned this lovely Glider above, search for “new glider skin” in the Folbot Forum and here’s what you’ll find.

Throwback Thursday: Fabulous Folbot Holidays

Remember when Folbot used to print books about kayaking adventures? No? Well, it has been upwards of 30 years since an edition has been in print…

This gorgeous, 5th edition (all 300+ pages) are being made into an e-book. It’s chock full of great stories and fabulous pictures. If you’d like a copy when it’s ready, drop us a line at

Front cover

Front cover of Fabulous Folbot Holidays, 5th edition

Back cover

Back cover (same edition)

Throwback Thursday: Unsolved Mystery

This week, not only do we have “throwback” photos for you…we have an unsolved mystery. And we need YOU to help solve it. A gentleman in the UK recently found prow of an old Folbot. And he’d like more information about it. Read his story below.

“I am a retired British Police Chief. My hobby revolves around buying interesting items at auctions and researching them. I have bought, what I call ‘the prow of a boat or yacht’. It has a white enamel plate (2 inches by 2.5 inches) on the top and on this plate is a triangular flag on a flag pole. The flag has red, white and blue vertical stripes but chevron in shape. In the centre of the flag is a round red circle with a white yacht on it. Below the flag in black are the letters ‘T.C. and then the numbers ’17’ under which is a line and then ‘1942’.
The ‘prow’ is just over ten inches long, ‘V’ shaped, and 6.5 inches at the widest point. On either side at the front is a blue disc with two circles on it. The centre circle has the word ‘ FOLBOT’ in large letters and in the outter circle the words ‘British built’.”

Prow Plate Folbot Flag

Soooooo….any leads for our friend? If you have any ideas, comment or drop us a line at

Throwback Thursday: Southeastern Wildlife Expo


SEWE 2013

Southeastern Wildlife Expo (we just call it SEWE) is next weekend, Feb 14-16, in Charleston, SC. In our excitement, we scrolled through photos of last year’s event. Such a fun weekend!

If you’re planning to attend, make sure you stop by our tent! We’ll have demos to check out and fun gear to give away.

Throwback Thursday: Hunt with Folbot

Hunt with Folbot

Though our Sporting Life model is new, the idea of hunting in a Folbot obviously isn’t. Check out this ad from the 80s! #tbt

And speaking of hunting (and fishing), we’ll be at the Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE) in Charleston, South Carolina, in two weeks and then the Bassmaster Classic in Birmingham, Alabama the following week. We’d love for you to come out and see us!