Gear We Love: Sperry Top-Siders

Ahhhh, the boat shoe. A classic. But did you ever wonder why they’re called boat shoes?

Sperry Top-Sider

Sperry Top-Sider, Lanyard style

Sperry boat shoes have been a ingenious product from inception in 1935. After spending many years as a Marine, Paul Sperry, was looking for a shoe that wouldn’t slip on a wet boat surface. After seeing the traction his dog could get on slippery ice, he fashioned grooves like a dog’s paw on the rubber sole of the first–you got it–boat shoe!

Since that time, Sperry’s can be counted on for incomparable quality and innovation. The great thing about the top-siders is they dry quickly and seem to fit better after wearing them wet a few times. Also, they go great from work to play (and vice versa). And nowadays, they’re making everything from sneakers to sunglasses!

We can’t comment on the sunglasses, but if they’re half as good as their top-sider cousin, we’re sold.

Faces of Folbot: Sarah H. in the UK

We love hearing about (and sharing) your adventures!

This week’s adventure hails from the UK. Sarah H. took a day trip with her Citibot from Ely to Denver. Follow her trip through photographs below.


Mainline train from London to Ely. Bag contains Folbot, PFD, four piece paddle, spraydeck, sponge, camera, GPS, spray top, hat, packed lunch and a bottle of water….


Another pic on the railway, London

Folbot Southery pumping station

Southery Pumping Station

Folbot Sluice

Folbot Littleport sheep

Sheep in Littleport

Folbot leaving Ely

Got pictures you’d like to share from a paddle? Send them to!

Throwback Thursday: Fabulous Folbot Holidays

Remember when Folbot used to print books about kayaking adventures? No? Well, it has been upwards of 30 years since an edition has been in print…

This gorgeous, 5th edition (all 300+ pages) are being made into an e-book. It’s chock full of great stories and fabulous pictures. If you’d like a copy when it’s ready, drop us a line at

Front cover

Front cover of Fabulous Folbot Holidays, 5th edition

Back cover

Back cover (same edition)