Throwback Thursday: Fabulous Folbot Holidays

Remember when Folbot used to print books about kayaking adventures? No? Well, it has been upwards of 30 years since an edition has been in print…

This gorgeous, 5th edition (all 300+ pages) are being made into an e-book. It’s chock full of great stories and fabulous pictures. If you’d like a copy when it’s ready, drop us a line at

Front cover

Front cover of Fabulous Folbot Holidays, 5th edition

Back cover

Back cover (same edition)

Faces of Folbot: Flamingo Flotilla

Flotilla 2014 Group Photo

Cheers from the 2014 Flamingo Flotilla

Remember last week, we made a plea for pictures from the 2014 Flamingo Flotilla? Ask and you shall receive! The Flamingo Flotilla, hosted annually in the Florida Everglades, is organized and attended by Folboters (here in the Folbot headquarters, we don’t have to lift a finger to plan it). It looks like they had fun!

We’d love to see (and share) pictures from your Folbot adventures. Email your photos to