Gear We Love: LEGO Inspiration

Have you ever been amazed a 4-year-old can put together a complicated LEGO model? LEGO makes easy to follow graphical instruction booklets. No words necessary – you don’t even need to be old enough to read to do it!

Well, that was our inspiration behind the graphical instructions for our Folbots.


LEGO Instructions

We made easy to follow [graphical] assembly instructions for each Folbot model. We also have examples of assembly on YouTube and worded instructions if you prefer that route. We hope we’ve made it as simple as possible to explain our assembly.  We want you on the water enjoying your Folbot, not left behind assembling a kayak.

In fact, we feel the need for speed!  Our Recreational and Touring models can all be assembled in less than 10 minutes!


Example of Citibot Graphical Instructions

Faces of Folbot: Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park

Thanks to Michael Salvaggio for sharing his pictures from a recent paddle on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, Montana. Gorgeous!


One of the best reasons to travel with a Folbot kayak is it packs into a bag and assembles in minutes. No strapping kayaks to your roof or renting a passenger van. Most models weigh less than 40 lbs and can easily be worn to hike or bike to the water. Assembly times varies depending on model, but the average time to set up is 10-15 minutes.

It’s easy. Like Sunday morning.

More Facebooking

I recently wrote about the growing Folbot community on Facebook  (please “like” us there!).

One of the daily features has become the posting of a “Folbot Mystery Photo” where people try to identify what’s in the photo — which all have something to do with Folbot or the kayaks. The answers range from serious to funny — we’ve even had one of the posters insisting that the picture was of an alien worm from outer space (I don’t think she was serious).

Today’s photo is a favorite of mine — it captures the joy of a successful first assembly of a Folbot kayak.

The challenge on Facebook was, “What is the actual purpose of the ‘Robin Hood hats’ that these gentlemen are wearing? Do you know?”

Do you?

David A.

More From China

Following on the great news about the success of Folbot’s new dealer in China, we received more photos from them about their initial Folbot experience.

This is my favorite.

Those Coopers look great from any angle!

While the translation may be tough, they also put together a whole website about the assembly of the kayaks and taking them paddling. There are tons of photos.

For bonus points, can you identify what they did wrong during the assembly?


David A.

The MTA MetroBoat Getting Dressed

Every week at the Folbot QC meeting we take a look at a kayak that is on that week’s production list. Yesterday we checked out a new MTA MetroBoat.

(And you can look at this posting out to see the MetroBoat in action.)

David A.

Getting ready to go... a peek at the cool deck.

Laying out the frame parts prior to assembly.

Assembly starting with the longerons attaching to the keel.

The frame comes together quickly... starting to look like a kayak.

The sponsons are applied directly to the frame -- unique to the Citibot/MetroBoat among Folbots.

The frame slides easily into the skin... first real view of the MetroBoat deck!

The tensioning device expands the frame to fit the skin.

The completed assembly... the MetroBoat, as viewed from the Bronx.

The MTA MetroBoat's very cool deck from the downtown Manhattan perspective.

Logos in the East River.

Assembly Times

One of the most common questions we get about Folbots is, “How long does it take to put that cool kayak together?”

A Cooper assembly in the Faro Islands

While we provide approximate assembly times, the actual time naturally varies with each individual. For example, while we may say the Greenland II takes 20 minutes to assemble, someone recently did it in front of us in just 6 minutes. There are others who would love to be able to do it in 20 minutes. It just depends on the person.

I recently received an email from Craig N, in Salisbury, NC, who put another spin on the process. In talking about his new Edisto, he said:

So far the boat has been perfect.   My only issue is that it takes over an hour to get it into the water.  That is about 15 minutes to put it together and most of an hour to answer questions of the people that gather around the boat– it is like a magnet.

OK, so we don’t take account the time it takes to talk to the folks who always show up to watch.

Then again, I don’t claim I can actually assemble the Citibot in about 20 seconds:

David A.

So far the boat has been perfect.   My only issue is that it takes over an hour to get it into the water.  That is about 15 minutes to put it together and most of an hour to answer questions of the people that gather around the boat—it is like a magnet.