Techie Tuesday: What’s in That Bag?

When you order a Folbot, you get a backpack**. Which begs the question…what’s in that bag?


Great question! See below…

WhatsinthebagWell, first of all, your kayak is in that bag. Yes, your entire Folbot kayak fits in its accompanying backpack.
That includes the:

1. Skin
2. Cross Frames
3. Cockpit Frame
4. Tensioner
5. Gun Wale
6. Deck Strut(s)
7. Longeron Bundles
8. Bottom Keel Longeron

In addition to your kayak, the backpack also includes footpegs and your seat.

Pretty cool bag, huh? Unpack it and hit the water!

Kiawah Yellow Per Haavind Bahamas

**This is what your order looks like if you purchase a Citibot, Gremlin, Kiawah, or Cooper. Other Folbot styles come in 2 bags with different frames.

Faces of Folbot: No Excuses!

This week, instead of “Faces of Folbot”, we’re going to give you “voices of Folbot” from this weekend.

We met so many great people at the Southeastern Wildlife Expo. One great thing about a show/expo is introducing people to the idea of a foldable kayak. We really do mean it when we say “You CAN take it with you!”

NoExcusesHere are snippets from a couple of actual conversations we had…no excuses!!

A young woman from the College of Charleston walked by the Folbot tent.
Woman: I love to kayak. I wish I had my kayak here.
Folbot: Why don’t you?
Woman: It’s too big to keep in my apartment here, so it’s at [my parent’s] home in Tennessee.
Folbot: What if you’re kayak fit into this backpack?

A married couple walked by the Folbot tent.
Husband: Oh! Let’s go look at these kayaks!
Wife: No, you already have plenty of toys taking up space in the garage.
Folbot: What if the kayak fit into this backpack?

Are size, storage, weight, travel needs keeping you from buying a kayak? No excuses! Folbot can go anywhere you go. In a car, RV, on a plane, in your apartment, in your garage….we invite you to unfold new adventures with a Folbot!

Cool Paddles

Recently we announced that Folbot is now selling a very cool set of paddles made by Northern Light. They’re made out of carbon fiber — making them light and super strong. And, they’re three-part paddles which fit in all the Folbot bags — even the backpacks.

They come in two varieties: a Greenland and an Aleutian-inspired model.

Check them out in action:

Very cool.

David A.


Yesterday was a fantastic day. I got to spend the morning with a great group of people talking about Folbot at the Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) store in Manhattan.

This EMS store is the first domestic retailer that Folbot has had (you can also buy via their online store) and their paddling crew is a cool bunch of knowledgeable and enthusiastic people.

There is an eye-catching display of the Cooper right by the entrance to the store (soon it will be even more eye-catching!)…

and even the kayaks in the backpacks are on display.

So if you are in NYC, drop by 530 Broadway and check out EMS and the Folbots. Truly a great combination.

David A.

New Backpacks!!

Folbot has new backpacks for the Citibot, Kiawah and Cooper kayaks!

These packs are not only more aesthetically pleasing than the old models, just about every aspect of the bag has been improved. Each pack now has: stronger fabric and zippers; ergonomically designed shoulder straps; a waist harness with padded hip supports; a reinforced and padded bottom for better stability and durability; padded carrying handles on the top and side of the bag; upgraded hardware and buckles.

The new backpacks will be available for shipment by December 10th. Order online or just give us a call (800.533.5099) and you can look just like this!

David A.