Throwback Thursday: Southeastern Wildlife Expo


SEWE 2013

Southeastern Wildlife Expo (we just call it SEWE) is next weekend, Feb 14-16, in Charleston, SC. In our excitement, we scrolled through photos of last year’s event. Such a fun weekend!

If you’re planning to attend, make sure you stop by our tent! We’ll have demos to check out and fun gear to give away.

Folbot Fotos: Winter Kayaking

Charleston Kayaking

David A. kayaking in Charleston, South Carolina

With much of the country bracing for a winter storm, we think this is the perfect time to invite you to visit us down in Charleston! We are lucky to enjoy kayaking weather year-round.

Come experience Folbot and get your hands on the world’s greatest folding kayaks. We provide a factory tour, product demonstration and then go out on a kayak tour in local creeks. Kayaks, paddles and PFDs supplied. Cost is $25 per person, per tour, which can be used towards the purchase of a new Folbot.

Faces of Folbot: Warm Days, Low Tides, New Friends

It’s nearly Christmas and perfect paddling weather in South Carolina. We had the opportunity to hit the water last week with a new friend, Russell. After years on the water with many kayaks (at least one Folbot, a Klepper, a few he built himself) he had given away all of his fleet. Now 80 and traveling in his modified camper, he felt the tug of the sea again and needed a kayak he could store inside his truck. He only had eyes for the long lines of the Cooper and we hit the water with a couple to put them through the paces.

As always on the water, we get to swapping stories and, as always, the customer’s stories are better than mine. I enjoyed hearing about some sticky situations kayaking in Florida’s Mud Lake and truck issues out in the Yukon.

We followed the tide back to the landing and disassembled our Folbots on the dock. As usual, we had a few curious onlookers. The first had known of Folbot his whole life having grown up in Mt. Pleasant, SC. The next two thought kayaking would be fun but didn’t know where they would keep them (at which point we had a nice conversation about the versatility of a Folbot) and the last simply said, “I don’t know what that is but it sure looks like fun.” Agreed.

Whether Russell makes that Cooper his Cooper, we had a great day on the water. If it’s not paddling weather where you are, come visit us at Folbot and we’ll share some stories.

Folbot Wins Swimming Race!

Well, the title might be a bit misleading. So here’s the whole story.

The 12 mile open water Swim Around Charleston was held yesterday.

In the field was marathon swimmer Mallory Mead, whose escort kayak just happens to be a Folbot Citibot. In creating this particular Citibot, we used some of our fancy printing technology and created a Folbot Folbot — which is not only eye-catching, but also gives Mallory’s escort paddlers a nice, comfortable ride.

Before the race, Mallory dropped by the Folbot offices for a visit and to check out some of the other Folbot kayaks.

I even got to pose for a photo with her.

But Mallory was here for more than a social call. She was here to do some serious swimming and looked great at the race start.

As did the Citibot, being paddled by Tate Nation.

After 3 hours and 58 minutes of action, I am delighted to report that the Citibot was the first kayak to finish (oh yeah, Mallory won the race by about 22 minutes and set a new course record).

So our hats are off to Mallory and Tate. Congratulations!!

David A.

Raindrops Aren’t Falling On My Head

Charleston, Folbot’s home, needs rain. It’s been months since we’ve had a nice soaking (or any rain, for that matter).

While paddling in the rain might not be everyone’s choice, it sure helps to have some fresh water falling from the sky to keep the plants happy and the water levels high.

If only we could sing this song (from one of my all time favorite movies):

David A.