Faces of Folbots: Paddling on the Tennessee River

Russell enjoys a beautiful day on the Tennessee River in his Folbot Gremlin.  Send us pictures of your latest trip at media@folbot.com!

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Faces of Folbots: You CAN Take It With You!

Hello, Spring! Good to see you (finally).

As you plan your spring break, weekend outing, paddle-whenever-you-see-fit, etc, remember what our Flamingo Flotilla friends said….


Faces of Folbot: Sarah H. in the UK

We love hearing about (and sharing) your adventures!

This week’s adventure hails from the UK. Sarah H. took a day trip with her Citibot from Ely to Denver. Follow her trip through photographs below.


Mainline train from London to Ely. Bag contains Folbot, PFD, four piece paddle, spraydeck, sponge, camera, GPS, spray top, hat, packed lunch and a bottle of water….


Another pic on the railway, London

Folbot Southery pumping station

Southery Pumping Station

Folbot Sluice

Folbot Littleport sheep

Sheep in Littleport

Folbot leaving Ely

Got pictures you’d like to share from a paddle? Send them to info@folbot.com!

Faces of Folbot: Canoecopia 2014

We hope to see a lot of Faces of Folbot at Canoecopia this year!


Canoecopia, held in Madison, Wisconsin, is the world’s largest paddling expo. Over 20,000 paddlers attend, 200+ manufacturers bring products, and 150 seminars teach and inspire.

We’ll be there! And we’re bringing some Folbots with special show pricing and a new giveaway promotion for March. Stop by to register for the giveaway and see how Folbot fits into a backpack and in your lifestyle.

As always, you can be with us in spirit. Follow us on Twitter for updates from the show!

Faces of Folbot: No Excuses!

This week, instead of “Faces of Folbot”, we’re going to give you “voices of Folbot” from this weekend.

We met so many great people at the Southeastern Wildlife Expo. One great thing about a show/expo is introducing people to the idea of a foldable kayak. We really do mean it when we say “You CAN take it with you!”

NoExcusesHere are snippets from a couple of actual conversations we had…no excuses!!

A young woman from the College of Charleston walked by the Folbot tent.
Woman: I love to kayak. I wish I had my kayak here.
Folbot: Why don’t you?
Woman: It’s too big to keep in my apartment here, so it’s at [my parent’s] home in Tennessee.
Folbot: What if you’re kayak fit into this backpack?

A married couple walked by the Folbot tent.
Husband: Oh! Let’s go look at these kayaks!
Wife: No, you already have plenty of toys taking up space in the garage.
Folbot: What if the kayak fit into this backpack?

Are size, storage, weight, travel needs keeping you from buying a kayak? No excuses! Folbot can go anywhere you go. In a car, RV, on a plane, in your apartment, in your garage….we invite you to unfold new adventures with a Folbot!

Faces of Folbot: Flamingo Flotilla

Flotilla 2014 Group Photo

Cheers from the 2014 Flamingo Flotilla

Remember last week, we made a plea for pictures from the 2014 Flamingo Flotilla? Ask and you shall receive! The Flamingo Flotilla, hosted annually in the Florida Everglades, is organized and attended by Folboters (here in the Folbot headquarters, we don’t have to lift a finger to plan it). It looks like they had fun!

We’d love to see (and share) pictures from your Folbot adventures. Email your photos to info@folbot.com.