Throwback Thursday: 60s Glider

Check out this 1962 Folbot Glider Tandem. Sure, the skin needs some repair work, but what a beautiful boat!


Do you have an “retired model” Folbot that you have questions about? The best source for information on the older model Folbots is  This community of Folbot customers and fans has a long history of maintaining and restoring older Folbots and many have documented the results on that site.

You can post questions, search by keyword, or just start digging into threads on topics like 100% effective barrier against bears entering your campsite? or Rudder Pin Replacement . For instance, if you owned this lovely Glider above, search for “new glider skin” in the Folbot Forum and here’s what you’ll find.

Faces of Folbot: A new Flotilla Kiawah


This past week marked the 13th annual Flamingo Flotilla. Every January, a group of Folboters meet in the Florida Everglades and paddle/hang/eat pancakes. The Flotilla is “organized” on the Folbot Forum and any/all are welcome!

One enthusiastic participant was on her way home from the Flamingo Flotilla and swung by the Folbot headquarters. A veteran Folboter, she already owns a Greenland II and an Aleut. But she wanted something lighter and faster. So we hit the water in a Kiawah. We’re happy to say she liked the Kiawah! So much that she bought one when we got on dry land.

Maybe next year you’ll see another Kiawah at the Flamingo Flotilla!


We Are Family

A lot has been written and said about how the Folbot community is very active, close and akin to a family. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the Folbot Forum.


The Forum is a place where you can find Folbot and kayaking veterans  and rookies mingling, sharing wisdom and friendship. There are wise aunts and uncles, crazy cousins, rowdy kids and kind grandparents. Curiosity is rampant, opinions are strong and punches are rarely pulled. Just this weekend one member wrote, “This forum is so much nicer and helpful than many others (not kayak related)! It is a good group with lots of information and knowledge and passion!

I am always impressed with (and appreciative of ) the time people take to share their enthusiasm and what they have learned about their kayaks with friends they may never meet.

David A.