Faces of Folbot: A new Flotilla Kiawah


This past week marked the 13th annual Flamingo Flotilla. Every January, a group of Folboters meet in the Florida Everglades and paddle/hang/eat pancakes. The Flotilla is “organized” on the Folbot Forum and any/all are welcome!

One enthusiastic participant was on her way home from the Flamingo Flotilla and swung by the Folbot headquarters. A veteran Folboter, she already owns a Greenland II and an Aleut. But she wanted something lighter and faster. So we hit the water in a Kiawah. We’re happy to say she liked the Kiawah! So much that she bought one when we got on dry land.

Maybe next year you’ll see another Kiawah at the Flamingo Flotilla!


Folbot Foto: Demo Sale!

Been on the shoreline considering a Folbot? Want to add another to your fleet? Now’s the time! We’ve got a handful of Folbots that were used for demo, and we’ve slashed the prices. Bring one home!


Pictured above are a Gremlin, Kiawah, and Aluet. We also have Coopers and Kodiaks available. For more information about making one of these yours, email info@folbot.com. Better hurry, because these will go quick!

Faces of Folbot: In the Bahamas with a Kiawah

Don’t be mad. We are not sharing this photo to make you feel colder (especially as half of the US braces for another polar vortex this week). We share Per’s photo today because we’re taking a mental vacation with our Folbot today. Join us!

Kiawah Yellow Per Haavind Bahamas

Isn’t this a gorgeous picture? It’s a yellow Kiawah in the Bahamas with our friend, Per Haavind, in the cockpit. A former marathon kayak racer from Norway, Per stores it on his sailboat as he travels the east coast and Caribbean. He specifically chose the Kiawah to keep an athletic kayak that could strap on his sailboat deck without hampering any lines or could be stored underneath.

Where would you like to take your Folbot today?

Test Paddle in NYC

If you have time tomorrow morning, you have the opportunity to take a Cooper or a Kiawah for a spin in NYC, courtesy of Eastern Mountain Sports.

After the heat in the big city, this will be a great way to cool off and see how great these Folbots paddle.

We hope they see you there.

David A.