Throwback Thursday: Southeastern Wildlife Expo


SEWE 2013

Southeastern Wildlife Expo (we just call it SEWE) is next weekend, Feb 14-16, in Charleston, SC. In our excitement, we scrolled through photos of last year’s event. Such a fun weekend!

If you’re planning to attend, make sure you stop by our tent! We’ll have demos to check out and fun gear to give away.

Folbot Fotos: Happy Hour


The Edisto paddling in the creeks of Edisto, South Carolina.

Is it 5:00 yet??!

We find this picture especially appropriate on this Friday afternoon because:

-happy hour is closing in on us

-with SEWE and Bassmasters Classic on the brain, the Edisto (and a good fishing hole) sound like the perfect weekend

Where will you (or–if weather doesn’t permit–would you) Folbot this weekend?