Throwback Thursday: Hunt with Folbot

Hunt with Folbot

Though our Sporting Life model is new, the idea of hunting in a Folbot obviously isn’t. Check out this ad from the 80s! #tbt

And speaking of hunting (and fishing), we’ll be at the Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE) in Charleston, South Carolina, in two weeks and then the Bassmaster Classic in Birmingham, Alabama the following week. We’d love for you to come out and see us!

Techie Tuesday: Outriggers

We include outriggers and pontoons with our new Sporting Life model, Fish ‘n’ Photo package and Upwind Sailing Rig.  Outriggers are simply a solid extension of a boat’s rigging that extends beyond the gunwales.  Many people think of Hawaiian outrigger canoes with the outrigger on one side of the canoe.  Our outriggers are on both sides of your kayak.

Edisto Fish n Photo Front

Folbot Edisto with Outriggers and Pontoons

Our outriggers are 1 1/2 inch aluminum tubes that attach to the washboards with stainless steel “J” hooks. At the ends are banana shaped pontoons that are designed to add stability without pulling your kayak off its track and keep from being buried under the water (and even made to match the color of your Folbot!)

What these pontoons and outriggers do is spread the weight of the kayak and paddles over a larger surface.  When this happens the center of gravity of the kayak increases and it allows the paddler to be extremely stable even with sitting on top of the washboards or standing on the floorboard.  With this extra height, you have a larger field of vision and improved views into the water.  You can more comfortably use your fishing, hunting, or photography equipment.  In fact, it’s so stable you can even throw a casting net for bait fish or shrimp!

The Wind Up

The Wind Up

The Toss

The Toss

Faces of Folbot: The Angler

This weekend, we’re packing up a few Folbots and heading to the East Tennessee Fishing Show in Knoxville, TN.


With that in mind, today’s “Faces of Folbot” is for the angler. Our Edisto and Sporting Life models are perfect for the paddler who likes to fish and hunt in his/her kayak. The open style provides plenty of space for gear (and a furry friend!) and the outrigger pontoons give extra stability. The low draw provides access to the most shallow water so you can fish until the last drop of low tide!


We hope to see old friends and meet a lot of new ones at the Fishing Show. Stop by and try out the Sporting Life! And follow us on Twitter, as we’ll be giving updates from the show.