Faces of Folbot: Sarah H. in the UK

We love hearing about (and sharing) your adventures!

This week’s adventure hails from the UK. Sarah H. took a day trip with her Citibot from Ely to Denver. Follow her trip through photographs below.


Mainline train from London to Ely. Bag contains Folbot, PFD, four piece paddle, spraydeck, sponge, camera, GPS, spray top, hat, packed lunch and a bottle of water….


Another pic on the railway, London

Folbot Southery pumping station

Southery Pumping Station

Folbot Sluice

Folbot Littleport sheep

Sheep in Littleport

Folbot leaving Ely

Got pictures you’d like to share from a paddle? Send them to info@folbot.com!

Throwback Thursday: Unsolved Mystery

This week, not only do we have “throwback” photos for you…we have an unsolved mystery. And we need YOU to help solve it. A gentleman in the UK recently found prow of an old Folbot. And he’d like more information about it. Read his story below.

“I am a retired British Police Chief. My hobby revolves around buying interesting items at auctions and researching them. I have bought, what I call ‘the prow of a boat or yacht’. It has a white enamel plate (2 inches by 2.5 inches) on the top and on this plate is a triangular flag on a flag pole. The flag has red, white and blue vertical stripes but chevron in shape. In the centre of the flag is a round red circle with a white yacht on it. Below the flag in black are the letters ‘T.C. and then the numbers ’17’ under which is a line and then ‘1942’.
The ‘prow’ is just over ten inches long, ‘V’ shaped, and 6.5 inches at the widest point. On either side at the front is a blue disc with two circles on it. The centre circle has the word ‘ FOLBOT’ in large letters and in the outter circle the words ‘British built’.”

Prow Plate Folbot Flag

Soooooo….any leads for our friend? If you have any ideas, comment or drop us a line at info@folbot.com.

Tally Ho!

We are delighted to announce that Folbot has a new dealer for the UK, the Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Please welcome The Folding Kayak Company to the Folbot family.

You can reach them here:

The Folding Kayak Company Ltd
PO Box 1295
20 Station Road
Gerrards Cross

Tel: 01494 759 324    Fax: 01494 819 129

Email: info@thefoldingkayakcompany.com

David A.