3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Vintage Catalog

  1. Yep, I built a Super way back in the 60s from the kit. I have a Greenland II now. Made a number of memorable river runs in the Super.

  2. Wow…haven’t seen that image in a while…The four-member family in the two gliders is ME at 13, my little brother, and Mom and Dad. Jack Kisner liked to take all his own photographs. He used this image in one or two National Geographics advertisement. We were on the Edisto River near Charleston, SC.

  3. I still have my old Super 17 1/2 Folbot I bought and built in a kit in 1976 and I still use it on a regular basis. if you take care of them they will last forever. It has been on many rivers in the U. S. and Canada over the years and still floats as smooth as the day I built it. One of the best kayaks ever made.

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