Techie Tuesday: Solo Paddling the Greenland II

Your Greenland II can be your home away from home.  We know Folboters use the Greenland II for all kinds of major expeditions.  Even solo expeditions.  With the Greenland II solo seating kit you can swap a couple of crossframes and paddle in the center of the boat.


Solo Seating Kit InstructionsSolo Seating Kit Instructions

Throwback Thursday: 1946 Clipper

We’ve written before about the longevity of a Folbot. About how your Folbot will not only last your lifetime, but can also be enjoyed for generations!

For this Throwback Thursday, we give you the story of a Folbot Clipper. Bought in 1946, it was enjoyed by the original owners for many years. Not only does their son have fond memories of growing up with the Clipper, it’s now being enjoyed by new generation(s), creating new memories!


Original 1946 Clipper (picture taken in 2002)


Same Clipper, with new nylon top (picture taken in 2010)

Have an intergenerational Folbot? Share your pictures and stories with us at!

Gear We Love: LEGO Inspiration

Have you ever been amazed a 4-year-old can put together a complicated LEGO model? LEGO makes easy to follow graphical instruction booklets. No words necessary – you don’t even need to be old enough to read to do it!

Well, that was our inspiration behind the graphical instructions for our Folbots.


LEGO Instructions

We made easy to follow [graphical] assembly instructions for each Folbot model. We also have examples of assembly on YouTube and worded instructions if you prefer that route. We hope we’ve made it as simple as possible to explain our assembly.  We want you on the water enjoying your Folbot, not left behind assembling a kayak.

In fact, we feel the need for speed!  Our Recreational and Touring models can all be assembled in less than 10 minutes!


Example of Citibot Graphical Instructions

Folbot Fotos: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Cooper

We recently had a request from Folboter, Jerry P. of Illinois. He asked that we show more pictures of his favorite Folbot, the Cooper. Jerry, we hear you! We love the Cooper too!

So, without further ado, we’re sharing pictures from Spring Break 2013 with several Coopers. (Thanks to Wilson G. of North Carolina for sharing his photos.) ***Make sure you scroll all the way down to see the short video!***





Throwback Thursday: 60s Glider

Check out this 1962 Folbot Glider Tandem. Sure, the skin needs some repair work, but what a beautiful boat!


Do you have an “retired model” Folbot that you have questions about? The best source for information on the older model Folbots is  This community of Folbot customers and fans has a long history of maintaining and restoring older Folbots and many have documented the results on that site.

You can post questions, search by keyword, or just start digging into threads on topics like 100% effective barrier against bears entering your campsite? or Rudder Pin Replacement . For instance, if you owned this lovely Glider above, search for “new glider skin” in the Folbot Forum and here’s what you’ll find.